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Industrial Controller - Ancona

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Luogo di lavoro: Ancona | Provincia: Ancona
Tipo di impiego: Full time
Inquadramento: Quadro
Settore: Contabilità, Finanza, Banche e Credito
Riferimento annuncio: Controller

For a multinational industrial company we are looking for the Industrial Controller.

Reports to the Administrative and Hr Manager

To built an industrial analytic accountability and analyzing the reason of delta between standard cost and real cost.

- To built and recheck the structure of analytic accountability
- To rethink the driver method of standard cost
- To analyze in analytic way the reason of delta between standard cost and real cost craping the number from machine and other production information
- To drive the production in order to improve their performance indicating where are the inefficiency
- Analyze the business case of r&d and sales and check at the end if they respect the target
- To check if the list of CIP (Continuous improvement project in production) are really obtained in the balance sheet
- To manage and check the project in Navision giving the priority and being the link with external consultant
- To manage the interface with headquarter of IT project
- To have the overview of the CED as timing and cost (not technical skills)

- Engineering or Economics.
- English fluent
- Navision (if possible)

- 10 years in industrial company, better if withdiecasting or small components.

Based in Ancona